Thanks to the high-quality gambling platform from Microgaming, the famous developer of gambling, SLOTV casino can offer its guests and regular gamblers everything they need for a truly exciting pastime. Over 300 different games, including slot machines with a huge progressive jackpot, the opportunity to increase your budget through start-up bonuses or participate in tournaments with a large prize pool, and all this awaits those who decide to spend a few seconds on registration at SLOTV casino.

One of the main advantages of SLOTV casinos is a very large number of truly high-quality and interesting gambling games, because they were provided by Microgaming, a real "veteran" in the field of risky entertainment. Thanks to the gaming platform from Microgaming, SLOTV casino will not get bored even the most sophisticated and discerning players. There is, perhaps, everything here to make it really interesting to play. slot machines with a progressive jackpot, dozens of varieties of roulette, blackjack and poker, all kinds of arcade games with unusual rules and gameplay, virtual lotteries. Moreover, the casino regularly hosts tournaments for various gambling games, in which you can earn both a share of the prize fund in real money and additional bonus points, the so-called "computer points". Bonus points at SLOTV casino are a special type of virtual currency that can either be accumulated or won in one of the tournaments. Thanks to such points, it is very profitable to participate in daily and weekly tournaments, because then points can be exchanged for real money and spent on bets in any gambling games. The rate at which such points are exchanged depends on your status, and it, in turn, depends on how many bonus points you managed to earn from the moment of registration to the current moment. But players who have managed to accumulate enough points to increase the level can change points at a much more favorable rate and thus receive very substantial sums of money just for tournaments and active play. The winner, in excitement and impatience, ran to the tree first. Naturally, his gift was the last on the list.

Best New Year's Eve in the Galaxy

Like a Christmas party, Victor stuck to what he knew best; food and drinks. This year, he went out of his way on New Year's Eve and threw a feast worthy of the gods! I say; pigs in blankets, cheese baked meatballs, garlic pizza bread and a massive five-layer confetti cake. In terms of drinks, Viktor got two huge champagne and sangria bars that were perfect for midnight roasting along with amazing shots of champagne and jelly. Victor seems to have enjoyed shopping in the triangle galaxy.

The biggest Christmas present ever!

Interestingly, unlike what is assumed in this case, a black hole is anything but empty space. Rather, it is composed of a large amount of matter packed into a very small region - imagine a star ten times as massive as the sun, compressed into a small sphere. A black hole is indeed a very plausible explanation for a gravitational shift, as it tends to have a dramatic effect on the surroundings around them. As a result, the gravitational field is so strong and dense that it creates deep gravitational sinks from which nothing can escape. And anything that moves too close to it - be it a star, planet, or spaceship - will stretch and contract in a process known as spaghettification. Effectively squeezing and stretching the object like a noodle. This particular object had a strange structure at its center, consisting of a massive black hole, a disk of densely packed blue young stars surrounded by a ring of old red stars.

Discoveries that will make you shiver

There is a lot of science in the art of cooking. In fact, cooking is undoubtedly part art and part science. In fact, it is the scientific part that plays the most important role in the result that you get when you put all the ingredients together. The sad thing is that most people never think of cooking in these terms, when in fact they really should. This year's tournament was unique, as it was first held on the SLOTV CASINO spacecraft. There were also sandbags and wooden walls scattered across the playing field, so everyone had time to plan our attacks. It was, to put it mildly, bittersweet, but she left, and then everything was over. As the Winner ate the rest of my dessert, it dawned on me. It would be impossible to date a girl who is deadly allergic to my best friend, that she cannot even be in the same room with him. Alas, it just shouldn't have happened. There is no rule that all your furniture must be from the same era. As beautiful and fresh as the depiction of what the earth now considers to be stylish, it is wonderful when invested in antiques, as it only gets better with age. Probably each of you, dear players, is often asked what to choose. Casino SLOTV CASINO will gladly simplify this task by presenting the category "popular", which brings together the brightest representatives of the gambling industry. Well, if you prefer specifics, sit back and carefully study the contents of the portal categories. Love simple and bright games without unnecessary intricacies. Ornate rules tire you, and sometimes you really want to relax. Then, to your attention, there is a rich line of slot machines of different thematic focus. You can test the patience of Mrs Fortune in different variations of roulette. In addition to the traditional types, there are also unusual SLOTV CASINOs, for example, a roulette with a track or with tips. The palette of cards will appeal to even the most sophisticated gambler. Here you can find poker, blackjack, baccarat and all their varieties. SLOTV CASINO did not do without video poker. Everyone's favorite mix of slots and poker is now in the vastness of online casinos. Now the rules are even simpler, and the pleasure is twice as much. The choice is yours. Either way, look forward to an awesome Christmas party next week. This is a party not to be missed!

Varieties of card machines

Play for free without registration, or decide to challenge fortune. Your efforts will be highly appreciated. This place is simply a true paradise for real gamblers who love to play card games. The category with cards contains different subspecies of poker, blackjack, baccarat, and other interesting variations. If you are bored with everyday entertainment, study this section, maybe you will find something new for yourself. SLOTV CASINO offers quite unusual SLOTV CASINO games that are so familiar that will dilute your boring everyday life. Three-card poker, blackjack face-up. And this is not all the surprises that await you on the territory of the gambling club. Now you can get Royal Flash, Straight Flush and Full House on five reels of slot machines. This is possible thanks to a separate "video poker" section in our gaming hall. Here you will find twelve standalone games with excellent graphics and simple rules, which you can familiarize yourself with right on the game screen, as they are presented on the right side of the game reels. The video poker game will start after you place your bets and activate the “distribute” button. Your cards will open up, and you can exchange them for other cards from the deck, if you consider it a wise move. You will win your bet if you collect a poker combination on the reels. These rules are standard for all video poker modifications. In this section you can launch various video poker games, the most popular of which are deuces wild, aces and faces and jacks or better. If these slots are available in almost all major gambling sites, then such machines as 10's or better, pokerama, 5 lines jacks, sevens & joker and many others can only be launched in our hall. SLOTV CASINO is constantly updating its collection with new and colorful machines. Video poker is a great choice if you are unsure whether to choose slots or poker. All types of card machines are presented in our gaming room for free and for money, so you can enjoy a poker holiday in slot v even without registration.

The tournaments at SLOTV casino are organized in such a way that they do not require any entry fees from the player, additional registration or other actions are not required from you. All you need to participate in the tournament is simply to start playing for real money in one of those games that are presented in the program of the selected tournament, most often slot machines. By playing for real money, placing bets and winning, you get special tournament points, and in the end the winner is the user who, in a limited number of rounds, was the same for all participants and managed to score the most points. You can always track the results of the next drawing and the distribution of prizes in the "tournaments" section right on the slot casino website. The gaming collection of most domestic online casinos is, first of all, very popular, but already a little boring Novomatic "gaminators". And SLOTV casino offers players a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the newest and most exciting gambling games from Microgaming, the most famous foreign developer of gambling software. The interface of both the virtual casino lobby and all games is made entirely in Russian, so playing at SLOTV casino is much more convenient than in such foreign establishments. In addition, in order to once again try your luck in your favorite game, it is not at all necessary to register. An extensive collection of games at SLOTV casino is available for free, even to unregistered users. Although you don't need registration to play for virtual currency and get real pleasure from the grandiose SLOTV collection, it's still worth giving it a few seconds. Only registered players can take advantage of the additional benefits of SLOTV Casino, such as participating in a variety of tournaments, playing progressive jackpot slots or receiving one of the many additional bonuses.

Free Spins

The organization of regular tournaments at SLOTV casino significantly diversifies the gameplay so that even those who take risks constantly will not have time to get bored. Here you can find both daily and weekly tournaments for a variety of gambling games, and first of all slots. Tournaments operate very simply for 50 spins, you need to collect the maximum number of points that can be obtained for both bets and winnings. Based on the results of this "qualification", the rating of the players who received the highest number of bonus points is compiled and, accordingly, the winner of the tournament is determined. However, those who took the next few places after the first also get something as a share of the prize fund in real money, and incentive comp points. You can follow the endings of tournaments in real time right on the pages of the SLOTV casino website. Comp points is a special slot casino virtual currency that is awarded to all active players. Gradually, you accumulate more and more of these bonus points simply by playing in the casino and placing your bets in real money. Comp points accumulated or won in tournaments can be exchanged for real money at any time in dollars, rubles or euros, depending on which preferred currency you have chosen before the first replenishment of your account. The exchange rate depends on the player's status, which is gradually growing and again depends on the number of bonus points accumulated over the entire period of the game from the moment of registration.